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January 12, 2012

Islanders are playing preseason game in Brooklyn

Breaking: N.Y. Islanders in discussions for hosting a preseason game in the Barclays Center, Brooklyn next season.

While there has been no movement between the Islanders and Nassau County on a new or refurbished arena, and a clear message has been sent that the team is not presently for sale, more possible routes could open if Brooklyn, Suffolk County or Queens were to make guarantees.
In fact, when asked about the lack of chatter since Aug. 1′s failed referendum vote and how now the county is now looking for developers, a source in Executive Ed Mangano’s administration said, “It will be a small miracle if they can even get it off the ground and keep the team here.  I really believe the Isles are going to Brooklyn, barring divine intervention.”
This could be the first step for a move to Brooklyn, or just another attempt by Wang to get Nassau moving.

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