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December 3, 2011

Sports Business Journal Survey

Newsday published a piece that showed that the Coliseum is consider the arena most in need of an update.
The Islanders often are accused of being an afterthought on the national pro sports scene.

Au contraire! They were very much on the minds of the industry types who vote in the Sports Business Journals annual reader survey, who were asked what facility is most in need of renovation or replacement.

Nassau Coliseum won with 21.4 percent of the vote, well ahead of the 16.4 for the Rays Tropicana Field and 12.5 for the Vikings Metrodome.

When readers were asked what the next five years will hold for the Isles, 35.9 percent said they still will be looking for a new arena deal, 34.9 said they will have an arena deal and 24.9 said they will relocate...;JSESSIONID=475514A378FD7D074E64.3180?site=newsday&view=islanders_item&feed:a=newsday_5min

My response to this article is duh.  Without a doubt the Islanders are the team most in need of a new arena in all of professional sports.  The Nassau Coliseum has been an anchor around this team ankle for the past decade plus that has hold this franchise down.  We have had several owners try to resolve this issue to only be turn away by Long Island politics.

The other part of this article I find interesting is the readers response to what the next five years hold.  My response to this  question is that there is no way that the Islanders will still be looking for a new arena.  This team needs a resolution NOW!  It needs a resolution for the health of the organization and the fan base.  In my opinion the team is not leaving the physical island of Long Island, but here comes the part that may upset people.  With the financial crisis the Nassau and Suffolk is in and the political turnover in Suffolk I think it is unlikely that a solution will be found on Long Island proper.  That leaves Queens and Brooklyn as the future landing spots for the Islanders.  I don't see Wang wanting to go through the political process with Queens and getting approval for the arena., so in short I see the Islanders playing in Brooklyn in five years.
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