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December 13, 2011

Gambling In New York

When Albany heads back to session one of Governor Cuomo's priorities is legalizing gambling in New York.  The reason  why he wants to legalize gambling is for the added revenue it will add to the state's coffers.  How does this effect the Islanders?  The Islanders are being consider to be part of the Belmont Entertainment Center that would involve a casino.  Therefore, one has to question if New York legalizes gambling how will it effect the Shinnecock tribes push for a casino on Long Island.  In mind if gambling is legalize in the state the tribe getting approval from the state should be made easier.  Plus it gives the state more leverage to get a better deal from the tribe.  The question is does the state think Long Island is a good location for a gaming facility?  In my mind the Belmont Entertainment Center Plan would be a great site for a casino in New York, and offer New York and Nassau a  ton of revenue.  The site would have one of the most historic race tracks in the world, a professional hockey team, and a world class casino resort.  This development would offer attractions other casinos in and out of New York just can't.  What other casino is going have a leg of the triple crown and a professional sports team on their site.  If the state is serious about using gambling to turn around its economy, and serious about using smart locations, they need to strongly consider the Belmont Entertainment Plan.   
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