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December 27, 2011

What I think hockey would look like at the Barclays Center

One of the questions Islanders fans have about the Barclays Center is what the layout for hockey will look like.  In this post I will examine several different renderings and explain what I think this means for the arena hockey configuration..

We have all seen reports that the of the Barcalys Center was inspired by the Conseco Fieldhouse.  I even had a post about it in October and in cased you forgot what the Conseco hockey layouts look like here it is again.
This configuration for the Fieldhouse holds 14,400 and its been reported by Barclays officials that their arena will hold 14,500.  Therefore, one has to assume that Brooklyn is going have a very similar layout.

 The pictures below and the 3d seating chart link above probably gives us the best idea how a hockey rink will work at the Barclays Center.  These images show that the seats at one end of the lower level can be pushed in.  This will be needed to allow for the larger hockey playing surface to fit in the venue.

Here are a few images of hockey games at the Conseco Fieldhouse

From these photos I have come to the conclusion that the most likely outcome for hockey at the Barclays Center would be having the lower level of one end of the arena being closed off.  The upper level on that side will be open, but most likely will have blind spots.  Even with these flaws at this present moment it is the best option for the Islanders staying in New York and one has to wonder if Barclays Center made changes once they did their study on hockey this summer.

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