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December 18, 2011

Are You There Charles?

Once again Charles Wang has disappeared.   He was front and center for the Lighthouse and referendum pushes, but now that there are no current plans for an arena no one can find him.  He is the one person that truly controls the faith of the New York Islanders.  Wang will decide if this team will stay in New York or leave, which makes his silence even more agonizing.  The last we heard from him was the day after the referendum when he told us that he is still committed to Long Island.  One has to hope that this is true, but the question has to be does he think Long Island still committed to him.  He has watched his hope of a new arena killed twice.  Once by local politicians and the second time by Nassau County residents in an elections.  A number of fans wish that Charles would put more pressure on Nassau by being seen talking to other counties about arenas, or seen taking a tour of the Barclays Center.  However, that is just no Wang's strategy.  So what exactly is his strategy?  All we can do at this point is hope he has one, and that he hasn't given up hope of getting a new arena, and if he has that he will sell the team to local buyers.  If you ask me the time for silence is over, because we need answers now about the arena, and the fan base is ready to push for it.  We showed up for the lighthouse and referendum, and we will show up again to try to save our team.

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