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August 23, 2012

The Silent Summer

There really hasn't been much new on the arena front for Islander fans.  Nassau is still in the middle of their RFQ process.  One of the developers interested in the site dropped out since he felt not enough time was given for him to present his vision.  The only developer who has publicly  stated he wants the Islanders as part of his development was Monti.  However, the zoning seems to still be an issue and so does financing, but we will find out more on those issues after the RFQ winner is announced.  More importantly we will also find out if Wang would be interested in working with one of these developers.

In the mean time Ratner is still making public pleas for the Islanders to move to Brooklyn.  In all honesty its nice to hear someone say "We're trying like hell to convince the Islanders play in Brooklyn".  It is just nice to be wanted by someone and someplace after the mess the franchise has gone through in Nassau.

Sadly for us Islander fans there still seems to be along way to go before this saga is over. 

P.S. Yes I am still alive.  It has been along and busy summer, but I'm back.

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