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July 15, 2012

Where is Suffolk

We have heard from Nassau, Queens, and Brooklyn in the past several months, but what happen to Suffolk.  Ever since Steve Bellone has become County Executive not a whisper of talks between the two has been heard.  There are two ways this can be interpreted.

1) Suffolk County is too cash strap to offer the Islanders a deal, so the two sides haven't been talking.

2) Suffolk County and Charles Wang are in talks and the two sides are keeping everything under wraps, since Wang wants a media blackout.  The reason why Wang would want a media blackout with any serious negotiation is the belief that he has that the media played a major role in killing the Lighthouse.  So the question is while Nassau Democrats and Republicans are fighting and Brooklyn is talking about the potential of their arena to the public is something really going on behinds the scenes in Suffolk.

At this point of time it still looks like it will be Brooklyn or out of New York for the Islanders, but if there was ever a dark horse in this race it has been Suffolk County.  The question is if their silence speaks volumes or not.

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