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January 21, 2013

Back By Request: Could the Isles Arrive in Brooklyn Earlier than the 2015-16 Season

Well I am glad to say that we know that our beloved New York Islanders will not leave us, but as one reader asked me could the Isles get to Brooklyn sooner than the 2015-16 season?  In my mind the answer to this is simple and that it depends on the cost.  Nassau is going want to be paid to let the Islanders out of their lease.  So everything will come down to whether or not Wang and Nassau and come up with a price that will make everyone happy.  If Nassau's Comptroller George Margos and his fellow politicians really do believe that the county will be better off without the team that shouldn't be so hard.  One may also point to Bruce Ratner the developer of the Barclays Center being involved as a non paid adviser on the future of the Coliseum as a positive sign (or negative depending on your feelings) that the Islanders can go to Brooklyn sooner rather than later.  In my personal opinion the team will be playing in the Barclays Center before the 2015-16 season, but nothing will surprise me when it involves the Islanders and Nassau politicians.      

It should also be noted that SMG will have to be paid off as well to let the Islanders out of the lease.

Let me know what you guys think with the new poll


  1. I don't think a new developer will want to wait until summer of 2016 to start demolition. I see the Isles leaving no later than the 2013-2014 season.

  2. It's doesn't matter when Isles leaving. Matter how will replace her position. That's matter. Everyone miss her speech and decisions for what we known her. Barclays Center and Barclays Center Parking always Miss him.