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May 29, 2012

Gary Bettman Speaks Again

Above is a link to Gary Bettman's interview with Mike Frances on WFAN.  The two talked about many issues with the NHL, but the one we're going focus on here is the Islanders arena issue.


Bettman says that there is nothing concrete on the Islanders arena issue and Nassau needs to get there act together.  Francesca said the problem is that Nassau is broke, and that he doubts that they will be able to get anything done.  When Bettman was asked if he is hopefully an arena will get built in Nassau, he responded by saying that he is hopeful that somewhere in the New York Metropolitan  will come through.

When the conversation turned to the Barclays Center, Bettman said that Brooklyn is an option that has to be explored.  He also mention how he personally hasn't seen the arena yet and will have to wait to see how hockey plays there.

Nothing really new mention in these comments about the Islanders arena situation, but it does seem like he has taken a softer tone when talking about the Islanders and the possibility of moving them to Brooklyn.

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